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From fundraisers, trustees, accountants, web builders and more, volunteers give their time and expertise in all kinds of ways to help us.

Our volunteers give their time, passion and energy to help vulnerable children in Zambia change their future for good. The range of skills, experience and expertise volunteers can bring a small charity like ZOA is invaluable, making what we do have an even greater impact. And it doesn’t matter where you’re based as the roles we offer are usually home based.

Check out volunteer roles available below or for more information please contact Katy on 01223 901 006 or email her on [email protected]

In line with our ambition of encouraging sustainable communities, self-sufficiency and building skills locally, we employ Zambian staff and work with Zambian  volunteers (usually our former students) rather than sending volunteers from the UK to Zambia.

But, if you’d like to get involved in the work of a small charity that makes a big difference, wherever you’re based in the world, we have plenty of opportunities to get involved remotely in our fundraising, communications and support work.

Keeping children in school

A photo to illustrate our menstrual hygiene management work

£7.50 can provide one girl with five re-usable sanitary pads that will last five years.

£40 can kit a child out with everything they need for school.

£51 can pay the school fees for one year for a primary pupil.

£88 can pay for the school fees for one year for a secondary pupil.

A volunteer since 2017

Hannah Fisher

“I have volunteered for ZOA since November 2017. I had family in Zambia and was keen to be involved with a charity working with grassroots organisations helping children and young people there. I love volunteering for ZOA. They do incredible work to support people in Zambia in lots of different ways. I’ve been involved in various projects, from prospect research to report writing to social media.”

Helping build our new website

Jack Thompson

“I decided to help to make the website as I was looking to broaden my skills in website development and I thought that a good way to do that would be to help a charity. I’m grateful I got the chance as I’ve really enjoyed helping to make the site and I’ve definitely built my skills in the area.”

Help Change a Child's Future

Your help can support children through primary and
secondary school, provide nutritious school meals so pupils
aren’t learning on an empty stomach and support those that can
through tertiary vocational training. We provide a holistic
approach so also provide mental health support and other inputs
where needed.

Thank you!

Your support makes a big difference.

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