Dr Shimwaayi Muntemba, an inspiring Zambian lady, founded ZOA in response to the AIDS crisis that decimated the country.

We partner with grassroots community groups in some of the poorest communities to find sustainable solutions that move children and youths out of poverty. Our independent sister charity in Lusaka, ZOA-Zambia, lead on strategic programme development and management, monitoring and evaluation.  

We are led by a Board of Trustees, including British Zambians, and have a very small team of part-time, home-based staff in the UK. This structure keeps our over-heads low allowing for more of your donations to be spent on orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia.

ZOA-Zambia is made up of a very small team of Zambian nationals who work with our partners and  monitor and evaluate our activities.

Our Zambian, grassroots partner organisations and community groups are carefully selected to ensure we have maximum impact for children.

We’re governed by a Board of Trustees and led by a small team of part-time, home-based staff, a structure that keeps our over-heads low.

Email: grace@zoazambia.org

Phone: +260 96 6740663

Post: Plot 4820 Chitukuko Road, Woodlands, Lusaka, Zambia

Email: katy@zoa.org.uk

Phone: +44 (0)1223 901006

Post: 2a Nine Chimneys Lane, Balsham, Cambridgeshire, CB21 4ES, UK

ZOA is also active in the United States, where our sister charity, ZOA-US raise funds to support orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia, through ZOA-Z.

For more information please visit their website.

Participation and resilience

Eunice, 10 years old 

“My name is Eunice and I’m 10 years old. I want to know how to read and study on my own and become someone, like a pilot.

The things that I’m grateful for are seeing my school fees paid on time so I’m not sent away from school. I love football and skipping which I started two years ago. I feel happy, confident and strong when I’m playing football. It’s easy to make friends.

I receive support and encouragement from the team and learn how to manage differences and defeat. You don’t remain lonely and you become fit and have more friends when you’re into sports.”

Providing emergency food parcels

Diana, 13 years old

“I’m not happy because school closed early this term due to COVID-19. At school we used to eat every day, now I’ll not be able to eat three meals a day as my mother isn’t working.
The prices of food and other commodities have gone up so my mother isn’t able to buy food. Even soap is a problem.

I’m HIV positive and am on drugs so I need more food to eat so the drugs don’t have side effects. I’m happy I received food and soap during this pandemic. Thank you very much for the support I really appreciate it.”

Making sure education is inclusive

Gabriel, 25 years old

“I remember my painful childhood years when everyone saw me as a burden. I didn’t have friends to play with but my grandmother showed me love. 

Life was a real challenge for us and I believe that’s why my brothers stopped school and my sisters got married early. I was serious about school because I saw it as my only hope out of misery.

When I completed school I applied for a three year Primary Teacher Diploma Course and was put on ZOA support. I want to become a teacher and help my family and my fellow people with disabilities.”

Help Change a Child's Future

Your help can support children through primary and
secondary school, provide nutritious school meals so pupils
aren’t learning on an empty stomach and support those that can
through tertiary vocational training. We provide a holistic
approach so also provide mental health support and other inputs
where needed.

Thank you! Your support makes a big difference.

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