Where we work in Lusaka Province

In Lusaka Province ZOA works in N’gombe, a deprived urban area of Lusaka city and Kafue, which is probably better known for its National Park and safaris than anything else. What all these locations have in common is a high proportion of orphans and vulnerable children who don’t have access to school and therefore a lower chance of changing their futures. That’s where we come in.

We know that education is a proven route out of poverty and gives children the potential to transform not just their lives but the lives of their family. Each extra year of education raises lifetime earnings by around 10%.

Meal Distribution

Our Work

Through our two grassroots partners in Lusaka Province we support primary and secondary pupils with uniforms, books, stationary and school fees as well as providing daily nutritious school meals for pupils.

Since the schools started providing meals health has improved significantly, particularly amongst the HIV+ pupils we support. Attendance, concentration and exam results have also improved.


Changing the future

Mike, ZOA-Graduate

“My parents passed away when I was eight. I faced a lot of challenges but with the help of others I overcame these. I was supported by ZOA from the age of 15 at Hope and Faith School. It felt like I had parents somewhere doing their best for their child.

Teaching is my passion. I received my degree in Secondary Education at the School of Natural Sciences, Chemistry and Philosophy.

My ambition for the future is to complete a PhD and help others.”

Cooking demonstrations

Angela, 33 years old

“I am HIV+ and have three children who are HIV+. I used to feed my family with foods that didn’t add value to their health but I learnt how to prepare a nutritious dish called Mphoto Ya Bumi (Pot of Life) using all the six essential elements that are needed for one’s health. Now I feed my family with various nutritious meals that are available locally. It’s important to eat different types of food because you get different nutrients which are all important for a healthy family.

The ongoing support I receive is: food supplements, mealie-meal, sugar, high energy protein supplement and cooking oil. I also go to the cookery demonstrations and receive psychosocial support through caregiver visits.”

Providing uniforms, books and fees

Mpaso, 14 years old

“My mum and dad died when I was young so I live alone with my grandmother. Growing up without a parent is a challenge.

I walk eight kilometres to and from school and when there’s no food at home it makes it hard to concentrate in class.

I only had one pair of trousers but now I’m supported with uniform, shoes and socks and I look like my friends at school. I’m no longer worried about school fees because they’re paid for and even if there’s no food at home I can eat at school.

School is important because I’ll get a job and I’ll be able to help myself and my grandmother. I want to become a teacher.”

Help change a child's future

Your help can support children through primary and secondary school, provide nutritious school meals so pupils aren’t learning on an empty stomach and support those that can through tertiary vocational training. We provide a holistic approach so also provide mental health support and other inputs where needed.

Thank you!