ZOA is delighted to have been selected to present The BBC Radio 4 Appeal on Sunday 24 June at 07.54am.  The well-loved journalist and broadcaster, John Sergeant, is presenting our appeal. Please click here to hear John Sergeant talking about why he is supporting Zambia Orphans Aid.

The BBC Radio 4 Appeal features Susan Nawila. After finding twin babies abandoned near her home, Susan founded a community club that now cares for 100 vulnerable children, helping them to access education and improve their chances of earning enough to live independent lives once they finish school. The appeal will run for one week, with repeats on Sunday 24 June at 21.26pm and Thursday 28 June at 15.27pm. All donations made during this week via The BBC Radio 4 Appeal hotline number and donation page will benefit ZOA.

Please don’t worry if you miss the broadcasts, as you can still donate directly to ZOA by using the donate button or by calling +44 (0) 1223 890162.  All donations will help community groups, like Susan’s club, to educate and care for vulnerable children like Naomi. After Naomi’s parents died she was forced to drop out of school. But thanks to ZOA Naomi is now back in the classroom and studying hard to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse.




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