Future plans

We have set six new objectives that we will be focusing on alongside our existing commitments to orphans, vulnerable children and youths over the next three years. These are;

  • Expand tertiary vocational scholarships

As more ZOA-supported students get good Grade 12 results we will help them gain vocational qualifications. High unemployment means that tertiary graduates stand a much better chance of getting reliable work, which can prevent them from facing a lifetime of poverty. Click here for more info.

  • Improve girls’ access to education

Girls and women don’t just benefit from progress, they drive it.” – Melinda Gates.

By early secondary school girls in Zambia are dropping out of school three times faster than boys, leaving them lacking the skills and resources to support themselves. The reasons are varied but include lack of funds, abuse, access to sanitary products, early marriage and low aspirations and self-esteem. Equal access to education is crucial to Zambia’s development and ZOA is committed to help tackle some of these issues by funding additional social support and community engagement.

  • Help community partners meet the needs of orphans, vulnerable children and youths

We want all of our partners to be working towards sustainability and will seed-fund at least one small business activity with a partner, profits from which can be used to support the basic needs of orphans, vulnerable children and youths in their community. We will also improve the facilities of at least one of the community schools we partner with, creating a better learning environment for impoverished students. For more info about income-generating activities please click here.

  • Demonstrate the impact of our work

To attract more funding we must improve the way we show the impact of our work and develop better systems to track students’ progress. ZOA-Zambia will be working with our community-based partners to identify the best way to do this.

  • Grow and diversify our income

We are hugely grateful for the support we receive from our existing supporters, but must also develop relationships with new funders and help ZOA-Zambia to fundraise locally.

  • Increase communications

We want more people to know about our work and will be seeking to expand our influence by gaining publicity in order to build our profile. If you are able to help with this please contact Katy by email at [email protected]