Maseele Widows Club

Maseele Widows Club is a community group established in 2005 by 13 local widows to support orphans of HIV/AIDS in three isolated villages in Namwala District.

In 2017 ZOA-UK helped the club to provide school supplies, uniforms and fees for 78 children to attend local primary and secondary schools. In 2018 we supported 73 students.

We have also seed-funded an income-generating tailoring business. Scarves, clothes and bags are sold in the community where there is much goodwill for the Widows. Tailoring profits supply orphan households with maize, so the children no longer absent themselves from school to find food.

Extra-curricular fun

In 2015 the Widows set up an after-school gardening club (pictured), which has proved extremely popular. Football and netball teams are planned.

Campaign against early marriage

The Widows campaign hard against early marriage and locally, this had led to a great reduction in the number of girls forced to drop out of school to marry. The Widows have excellent relationships with the local police force and are well respected in their community.

Veronica Moola
Before the Widows took on 14 year old Veronica Moola she was regularly sent home from school for not paying fees, and missed big chunks of her education.Now she attends school daily; has learnt to read and has jumped from scoring Fs to Bs in her monthly tests. Many of Veronica’s peers are already married with several children; but Veronica is determined to finish school and get a job so she can help lift her family out of poverty.


gardening-club group-photo-with-bags photo-of-people-and-washing