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Girls' absenteeism from school halved

As part of our menstrual hygiene management project our partners distributed reusable sanitary pads to 910 female students and their family members. This is helping to keep girls in the classroom and focused on learning. In fact, initial statistics show that absenteeism has halved.

“Diana, 18, says: I was 12 when I started my periods. I was afraid and I didn’t know what to do. I thought there was something wrong with me and I stopped going to school. I used to miss class until my period was finished because I didn’t have pads. The menstrual hygiene training taught me about periods, good hygiene practices, how to use reusable pads and that I can still go to school. The difference is that now my attendance in class has improved.”

Providing school meals improves attendance and exam results

Paying school fees and providing uniforms, books and stationary isn’t enough to keep children in school and learning effectively. They need a full belly in order to learn. Coming to school hungry is normal for most of the orphans and vulnerable children we work with so we decided to provide a daily nutritious school meal.

Through our school meal programme we have seen attendance, concentration and exam results improve, and all for only £25 per child per year!

Mpaso, 14, says: “My mum and dad died when I was young so I live alone with my grandmother. Growing up without a parent is a challenge. I walk eight kilometres to and from school and when there’s no food at home it makes it hard to concentrate in class.”

Help Change a Child's Future

With your support we can support children through primary and
secondary school, provide nutritious school meals so pupils
aren’t learning on an empty stomach and support those that can
through tertiary vocational training. We provide a holistic
approach so also provide mental health support and other inputs
where needed.

Thank you! Your support makes a big difference.

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