Running, Cared

Introducing Steve Andrews, a keen runner who is raising funds for ZOA-UK with every step he takes. He is currently in training for the London Marathon, which takes place in October 2022. We talked to him about what he’s taking on and his motivation.

Steve sporting his eye-catching ZOA running shirt at the Exbury 10k race as he prepares for the London Marathon

Hi Steve! Can you describe your challenge and how you feel about taking it on?

As with all distance running, London Marathon is daunting – that’s why we do it I guess.  My marathon won’t be fast but that’s not what it’s about; it’s the experience and the opportunity to raise money for great causes.

What inspired you to come up with this particular fundraising challenge?

For me running is a time to clear my head and just be free, out in the fresh air… and as my distances increased and I started running in events, people would ask ‘who are you running for; and how can we donate?’.  So now I run for ZOA, and if it raises funds to continue your work then all is good with me.

Why have you chosen to raise money for ZOA?

I’m English-born but Luanshya-raised from a very young age.  All my early memories are Zambia and the fantastic childhood it gave me; the huge African sky, the draw and intrigue of the bush, the dark waters of Makoma Dam, the unconditional warmth of the people… I’ve always felt Zambian and so proud to be maybe be repaying some of what she has given me. 

What would you say to others who might be thinking about raising money for ZOA through a sporting event?

Please do it.  It’s an awesome charity, doing wonderful things for people who really need it… and in need of more support.  Find an event (it doesn’t have to be a marathon), raise some money; let’s see more of these shirts out there!

You’ve designed a ’stand out’ shirt and have kindly donated some in a range of sizes to ZOA – tell us about the reactions you’ve had wearing it in your races so far?

I wanted something that caught the eye.. and it seems to do that!  I’ve had numerous people come and chat at events – Zambians, others who’ve been there for both long and short periods, and those who just shout ‘great shirt!’ as I trundle by… I love the effect it seems to have and hope that some of them go and find out more about ZOA and might want to donate or do their own thing to help.

Thanks ever so much Steve! If this has inspired you and would like to consider raising money for ZOA and our grassroots partners with a sporting (or other) challenge, please get in touch!