Learning on the classroom floor


ZOA’s newest grassroots partner, Twatasha Community School, was set up because there were insufficient state school places in the peri-urban district of Kafue accessible to children with disabilities. Twatasha is an inclusive school which provides an opportunity for disabled children to learn alongside their non-disabled peers. This breaks down shame around disability whilst ensuring all children can access an education that will provide them with the skills they need to thrive.

Twatasha has about 750 students enrolled, and actively encourages children with disabilities (250 at present) to attend alongside orphaned children, children of parents with disabilities, children from single parenting homes, children from child-headed households and other highly vulnerable children. A high proportion of malnourished and HIV+ children are referred to Twatasha Community School.

Learning on the floor at Twatasha Community School in Kafue, Zambia

Currently, much of the learning is taking place on the classroom floor because there are not enough desks for the students. We are, therefore, seeking your help to raise money to remedy this situation, providing a better – more comfortable – environment for effective learning.

We need to raise funds to purchase 200 new desks and separate seats for the students, plus 10 teachers’ desks/chairs and 10 blackboards.

Separate desks and seats are required to ensure children with disabilities can easily use the furniture. A simple but effective visual aid, blackboards will also allow for the children’s classwork to be presented more easily.

The desks, made of metal and wood by local craftspeople, will have an immediate, significant impact on the pupils’ ability to learn, pass exams and continue in education. They will have an enduring legacy as they are long lasting and will benefit hundreds of pupils in years to come. These desks will enable orphans and other vulnerable children to access a higher quality education – proven to be a viable route out of poverty, and therefore benefiting the whole community.

Can you help us to provide desks for Twatasha? Donate here.

But we also recognise that money is tight at the moment. If you can’t give right now, how about holding a fundraising event for ZOA? Here are a few ideas…

  • Channel the school vibe by holding a spelling bee competition in your community (sitting on the floor is optional). Charge a modest entrance fee, and ask local businesses if they might supply prizes for the winner, runner-up, etc.
  • Recall the school meals of yesterday by inviting friends and family to a retro slap-up meal of spam fritters and pink custard – charge enough to cover your costs and a small donation to ZOA.
  • Feeling more energetic? Hold a summer sports day in your neighbourhood, with all the traditional school favourites like egg-and-spoon and sack races. No cheating!
  • School’s out! How about a fundraising desko (sorry… disco)? Throw some mean shapes as you help us shimmy to our total!
  • Or could you persuade your employer or colleagues to undertake a desk-twinning at your workplace?

Whatever you do, be sure to let us know! Post here, or share on our Facebook page.