Be a stay at home hero and raise money for orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia

The 2.6 Challenge kicks off on Sunday 26th April when usually thousands of people would be running The London Marathon raising money for hundreds of charities. Instead challenge yourself to do anything that has the figures 2 and 6 in it and raise much needed funds.

Image of a super hero to illustrate the 2.6 fundraising challenge

Be a stay at home hero and raise money to help orphans and other vulnerable children in Zambia during the global coronavirus pandemic.

What’s the challenge

  • The 2.6 challenge kicks off on Sunday 26thApril when it would have been the London Marathon’s 40th anniversary.
  • Instead of running a marathon (although you can if you like) the challenge can be anything you like – as long as it has the figures 2 and 6 in it!
  • Your 2.6 challenge can be done anywhere, including your own home. Just remember to follow government guidelines on exercise and social distancing.

When is the challenge?

The challenge starts on 26 April. But you don’t have to do it on this day, it can be any day around this date, or for the ultimate challenge you could do something every day for 26 days!

2.6 challenge ideas

  • 26km around your garden or living room
  • 26 star jumps or burpees or squat jumps
  • Plank for 2.6 minutes
  • Walk up and down your stairs 26 times
  • How many cups of tea can you drink in 26 minutes?
  • Blow 26 bubbles 
  • Shoot 26 hoops 
  • Make a meal using 26 ingredients

Why we need your help?

  • The orphans and other vulnerable children we support in Zambia receive a free nutritious meal at school each day. With schools closed and food prices sky-rocketing there is a desperate need to provide food packages to vulnerable families so that no child goes hungry.
  • Most households we work with have limited access to hygiene materials such as soap and hand sanitizer making good hygiene practices more challenging and increasing the likelihood of contracting and passing on COVID-19. We’re distributing bars of soap to orphans and vulnerable children and their households

How do I donate?

Where will my money go?

  • £2 can provide a child and their family with 2 bars of soap
  • £20 can provide an emergency food package for a child to share with their family for a month
  • £80 can provide a hand washing station for thousands of people
  • £66 can pay for one of our frontline workers to provide key ‘stop the spread’ message to hundreds of people living in isolated villages 

Share your pictures and videos on social media and let us know how you’re getting on. Don’t forget to use #twopointsixchallenge and tag us